So here you are in Hawaii ready to capture the quintessential images of our island on a photo tour of Oahu. Postcard images of colorful sunsets and sunny blue skies hovering over aqua waters. Yeah…we love these photos and we get them most of the time.
But what if the forecast is for cloudy, overcast skies with a 60% chance of rain? It doesn’t stop us. rains all year long here in Hawaii. The rain or Hawaii Snow as we like to call it…  keeps our tropical islands green and lush with waterfalls gushing.

If it’s cloudy the light is Flat. Flat light is defined as overcast where the sun is obstructed by clouds. Flat Light is the opposite of Sunny Light.

Experienced Photographers shoot in all kinds and values of light at all times of day. Light is neither good or bad…it’s just light.

In flat light situations what can you do to create stunning landscape images?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Long Exposures
    Get out the tripod. Photographers dream of dark days to grab some long exposures without filters. If you have filters ( Neutral Density Filters ) get them out and go for it. Some of our guest photographers actually get a little gloomy if it’s too sunny.
  • Black and White
    Here is an opportunity to think black and white and work on your composition skills. Think Ansel Adams.
  • Go for the Drama
    Many experience photographers cringe at the sunny blue skies and yearn for the moody weather. Take advantage of this yourself to create unique images.